Jolley Good News!

We are excited to share some good news about our non-profit organization – Jolley Good News!

On Monday March 16th, Jolley Good News made its first donation for our Books Beyond Bars program. We provided 1250 books to the District of Columbia Office on Returning Citizens Affairs. This office supports individuals who are transitioning back to their community after serving time in prison. (pictures below)

According to the director, Charles Thornton, the #1 challenge in helping returning citizens to maintain employment, is their attitude! The donation of the book, An Attitude of Excellence, to be added to their training program, will help them change their attitudes and pursue excellence.

We are finally on our way to our goal of impacting millions of people in the judicial system, by encouraging them to see that their past does not determine their futures!

Please visit to read more about our Books Beyond Bars initiative, as well as our Youth Leadership Development initiative, where we hope to donate copies of our youth motivational DVD, Dare 2 Dream/Dare 2 Win, to every school in America.

If you would like to partner with us on any of these programs, we would greatly appreciate any support and donations you can offer.

And as always, we ask you to keep us in your prayers! Thank You!

Dr. Willie Jolley and ORCA









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