Gene Cornelius

  “Wealth comes when you make money, make up your mind on how to manage the money, and then decide how you will multiply the money.” – Shirley Luu Eugene "Gene" Cornelius, Jr., hailing from the south side of Chicago, IL, leads the division within the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) that manages the international … Continue reading Gene Cornelius

How To Build A Global Brand

  Brian Smith came to the United States to search for a hot new idea that he could take back to Australia and market to the “Aussies.” When he arrived in the U.S., he took some time off to go surfing and wore sheepskin boots. Many asked about his “funny boots” and if they could … Continue reading How To Build A Global Brand

How To Be Amazing

Shep Hyken is one of America’s top experts in creating success by creating a superior customer experience. He helps organizations worldwide, rapidly grow their success by growing their customer service culture. Shep is the founder and C.A.O (the Chief Amazement Officer) of Shepard Presentations, one of America’s top customer service training organizations. Additionally, he is a New … Continue reading How To Be Amazing

How To Succeed When Your Back Is Against The Wall

Dr. Shirley Luu is changing the game in the financial industry. She is a highly successful financial guru, advisor and wealth developer. Shirley is the Executive Field Chairman for First Financial Security and has been in the financial services field for over 20 years. As a speaker, author, and trainer on financial literacy and education, Dr. Luu … Continue reading How To Succeed When Your Back Is Against The Wall

How Defining Moments Can Change Your Future

  A true American success story, is embodied in the person of Bernie Swain. He started with very little and built a massive fortune by revolutionizing the speaking industry. He set the standard for commitment, trust and care by serving his clients and customers with a spirit of excellence. He began as an assistant athletic director … Continue reading How Defining Moments Can Change Your Future

How to Learn, Earn and Live Your Dreams

  Les Brown is considered the greatest motivational speaker on the planet today. At 72 years old, he is still transforming lives all around the world. Les was born in an abandoned building in Miami, Florida. His mother gave him and his twin brother up for adoption upon birth and he was raised by his … Continue reading How to Learn, Earn and Live Your Dreams

The Magic of “Magic” Johnson

The magic is still within Earvin "Magic" Johnson! He was a state basketball champion in high school; a National Collegiate Champion in college; and won a World Championship in his first year with the Los Angeles Lakers. Yet, in November 1991, derailed by health issues, Magic Johnson left the Lakers after 5 Championships and twelve … Continue reading The Magic of “Magic” Johnson

8 Steps to Think, Execute and Dominate!

Walter Bond knows what it's like to be discounted by everyone around you. He knows what it’s like to run up against seemingly insurmountable challenges, where everyone counts you out. He knows what it’s like to have moments where the challenges were winning and the circumstances were overwhelming. Yet Walter Bond found a single truth … Continue reading 8 Steps to Think, Execute and Dominate!

Not My Mother’s Husband!

                      It’s been more than thirty years now since Willie and I walked on those cemented floors of Ikea. The aisles seemed at least twenty feet wide with boxes stacked more than fifty feet in the air, filled with furniture waiting to be assembled. “Welcome to Ikea,” the … Continue reading Not My Mother’s Husband!

Jolley Marriage and Business Success Tips

Dee and I are not only marriage partners but business partners as well. That’s thirty years of marriage and over twenty years of working together. People always ask how we live together, work together, travel together and not have drama! There are strategies we’ve employed over the years that serve as the secret sauce to … Continue reading Jolley Marriage and Business Success Tips