How To Make A Profit From Your Passion!

Marcus Johnson is an independent Billboard-ranked musician and NAACP Image Award-nominated jazz keyboardist and pianist. He is also the CEO and Founder of Flo Brands, LLC (which is his music publishing and lifestyle branding company); and most recently formed Flo Wine, LLC (which produces class wines that are available in retail outlets across America!).

A graduate of Howard University, Marcus Johnson went on to simultaneously earn both his MBA and Juris Doctorate degrees at Georgetown University.

Marcus is one of the most popular artists on Pandora, with over 5 million spins, plus many other online music-streaming outlets distribute his music. He can be seen often as a guest lifestyle commentator on Fox News. He is building a lifestyle empire and making a lot of money, while doing what he loves…playing jazz and enjoying fine wines! He shares how you too can love your work and make a great living!

In this dynamic interview, Marcus Johnson shares:

  • Why not love what you do, and be able to make money doing it?
  • Decide to live you’re making, then make a living while living your making
  • Start with self-assessment. Where are you? Be willing to rate your skill level (where you are today) and the steps you will take to get better
  • Get a plan and make a commitment to execute the plan with excellence
  • Listen to your customers about what they want and are willing to pay for
  • Never stop learning, never stop growing
  • Only hang around positive people who will help you grow and will empower you to go after your dreams
  • Take time out every day for creative thought. Think of new ways to reach your goals and make it happen quicker
  • Dream Big. Think it. See it (Visualize It.) Speak It. Go Do It!


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