Now Is The Time To Lead and Love!

We are in an unprecedented time.

Leaders are being called to step up and make a positive difference.

This is the time when leaders are called to do what leaders do–that is to lead and make a difference!

The interesting thing is that many people think they can’t do anything because they don’t feel they are born leaders, but I say that “Leaders are not born–but developed!”

In my book, An Attitude of Excellence, I write about leadership and that leaders are like diamonds. Diamonds are not born diamonds, but born as every day, ordinary pieces of coal.

Those ordinary pieces of coal go through a process of adversity, difficulty and pressure.

And when they have come through that process of chaos, crisis, confusion, adversity and pressure, they’re no longer simply ordinary pieces of coal, but are transformed into diamonds!

The same is true for people! When a baby is born, the doctor doesn’t say, “OK. This baby goes over in the leader crib!” No! The doctor says, “Thank God for another baby born today and I hope this baby grows up to make a difference.”

The doctor knows that once the baby has breath and life, that baby has potential! And if that baby works hard and develops itself and pursues excellence, that baby can do great things and can become a leader!

So, I submit to you, that leaders are not born, but are developed. Leadership is not a matter of birth right but a matter of personal choice.

This week, I’m proud to highlight a person who was born in a tough time and in a tough area; but grew up to be a leader who loves to help others.

Harris Rosen was born in the lower East Side Bowery of New York City. His grandparents came to America looking for a better life.

They worked hard and built small businesses. They had difficulties and adversities, but instilled an attitude of excellence in their children and grandchildren.

One of those grandchildren started working in a hotel. He ended up at the Waldorf Astoria in catering and outworked everyone else, so he was moved up to sales.

A hotel in Mexico was his next move. But as a result of a conflict between the hotel owner and the government, the hotel was shutdown. Rosen was out of a job!

He heard of a new resort being built by the Disney Corporation.

He drove cross country to apply!

After working for a few years at Disney in Florida, Harris Rosen read about a small hotel for sale. He visited the owner–just to have a conversation. He didn’t have money to buy a hotel!

The owner was so sick and tired of trying to turn the hotel into a success that he offered to sell Harris the hotel for whatever money he had as down payment and worked out a payment plan for the remainder!

Harris Rosen took over the failing hotel and turned it into a profitable business. It became the first hotel in the Rosen Hotel Empire.

Today, Harris Rosen is the CEO of one of the biggest and most luxurious hotel empires in Florida. Plus, his hotels are debt free!

In addition, he is a philanthropist and has helped thousands of young people from underserved communities with support from pre-school through college!

Listen to this story of perseverance, persistence and determination and how to lead and love!

Take the life lessons of Harris Rosen from this week’s SiriusXM Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show and use those lessons to propel you to further success.


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