How A Legendary Comedian Built A Legendary Business

George Wallace

George Wallace is one of the best-known comedians in the America.

He was named the Best Male Standup Comedian by the American Comedy Award.  He was formerly known as “The New Mr. Las Vegas” for his 10-year stint as one of the most popular show in Las Vegas.

George Wallace is a frequent guest on national television shows and serves as comic relief on numerous morning radio programs, including The Tom Joyner Morning Show and The Steve Harvey Radio Show. He has an HBO Special and was the opening act for numerous national artists including Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson and George Benson.

In 2004, Wallace appeared as the headlining star of his own show at The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas for a 30 day run. Sin City showed its admiration by extending Wallace’s contract indefinitely and nicknaming him “The New Mr. Vegas.” Unlike any other comedy show in Las Vegas, Wallace gave away a number of prizes every night including CDs, DVDs, diamond necklaces, dinner at prestigious restaurants, gourmet chocolates, tropical cruises and even a new car. He celebrated his 10th Anniversary headlining at the Flamingo in March 2014, announced he was closing the show to head back out on the road.

Wallace regularly performs in comedy clubs across the country and is an ambassador for the United States government, performing at military bases all over the world.

He has a new movie hitting theaters this week with Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones called, Just Getting Started.

He’s also the author of a new book called, LAFF IT OFF, which is a tome of life wisdom, wit, insight and humor.

In this powerful, funny interview for my SiriusXM Radio Show, George shares some of the secrets to helping people to grow and own their own businesses:

  • Grow yourself and you will grow your future!  Always work on yourself!
  • Work ethic is critical to sustained success. Anyone can luck up on success, but it takes work to maintain and sustain it.
  • To be successful in business you must market and sell your ideas.
  • People thought The Flamingo Hotel was doing the marketing to make George’s Show #1 in Las Vegas, but actually, George rented the room from them and owned the show and did all the marketing himself!
  • Work on your belief system and commit yourself to you and your dreams!
  • Run your race and don’t worry about other people and their race!  Do what you do, and do it with excellence!
  • Keep selling and keep telling people about how you can help them enjoy life better!
  • Don’t let the no’s stop you. Keep asking, cause if you ask enough, you will get a yes!  Keep asking!  Your task is to ask!
  • Find what you love to do and do it with everything you have within you!
  • Learn to laugh! Laughter is the best medicine in the world.
  • When you stop laughing, you stop living!

 Listen to an excerpt from my SiriusXM radio show interview with George Wallace below.


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