How to Grow an Entrepreneurial Empire

Colin Sprake


Colin Sprake is a multi-millionaire with a passion for helping to create more millionaires around the world!

He’s a serial entrepreneur, who has built multiple million-dollar businesses. Now he runs an organization that helps entrepreneurs turn their passions and profits!

Colin is the author of a popular book series for entrepreneurs; plus he hosts big success rallies all over the world. He believes that “business and heart-centered actions” can positively co-exist and as such, have a tremendous impact on us as well as others.

In this powerful interview for my SiriusXM Radio Show, Colin shares these lessons:

  • When you grow yourself personally, you grow your financial possibilities infinitely.
  • Successful people understand that within their adversities, there are keys to opportunities. Look for the opportunities everywhere.
  • Knowledge is powerful; but knowledge, plus implementation of that knowledge, is where the super power is found!
  • To become a successful businessperson, you must fall in love with the numbers. Business is about numbers. How many dollars do you need to count at the end of the day?!
  • In your success journey, the most important word is ASK! Your task every day is to ask! Ask for the sale! Ask for the business! Ask for the deal!
  • The most important times of the day are the 15 minutes before you go to bed and the 15 minutes when you wake up! End your day with gratitude and the lessons you’ve learned for your future. And start your day with the excitement and expectation of having a great day!
  • Develop a Teflon rather than a Velcro attitude! When bad stuff happens, let it slide off like Teflon, do not let it stick like Velcro.
  • Be committed to what you want to do. Then get your attitude right on a daily basis by reading and listening to positive information every day.
  • Make the commitment to only hang out with people who are encouraging…because who you hang around is who you will become!
  • Make the commitment to build a successful business and a successful family simultaneously.

 Listen to an excerpt from my SiriusXM radio show interview with Colin Sprake below.


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