How to Flip Your Failure Into a Fabulous Life!

Jane Herlong

Jane Herlong is an Amazon Best Selling Author, a Hall of Fame Speaker, an award winning singer and a popular SiriusXM Comedy Channel contributor.

Jane is a former Miss South Carolina Beauty Pageant winner, who went on to the Miss America Pageant anticipating a win and a new career as Miss America. But she lost! She was down, but decided that she would not let that loss knock her out.

Jane went on to turn that setback into an incredible comeback. Today she is a successful speaker, author, radio personality, wife and mother. She lives on a beautiful peach farm in South Carolina. She travels the country inspiring people to understand that disappointment happens, but discouragement…and giving up, is a choice!

Her new book, Rhine Stones On My Flip Flops, shares how to flip the negatives into positive WOW experiences and then put glitter on top!

In this incredible interview for my SiriusXM radio show, Jane shares the following powerful points:

  1. Stuff happens, but successful people keep moving forward, putting one foot after another, until they are able to run!
  2. You must take some risks! Life is worth trying and falling so you can get up and start to fly!
  3. You must decide what kind of punctuation mark you have after your name…a question mark or an exclamation mark! Decide to live an incredible life!
  4. Be brave!  Look in the mirror and talk to yourself! And tell yourself to be brave, and then move forward, even when you are scared!
  5. Learn the power of prayer, the power of purpose and the power of the purse. Pray, work and build wealth, so you can leave a legacy for future generations.
  6. Life is like a basket of tomatoes. You must get the bad ones out of the basket so you don’t mess up the good ones. Don’t hang with negative people…they will infect you!
  7. Look for the humor in life, it makes life so much more enjoyable!
  8. Find your gifts and then expand on them! Keep working on getting better!
  9. Don’t just go through the tough times, make the decision to learn and grow through the tough times, and decide to get better!
  10. The way to really live life well is to live it like the Hokey Pokey. Put your feet in (get moving towards your goal), Shake it all around (when negative stuff happens, shake it off). Turn Around (and think up thoughts). Even in down times, decide to be grateful and you will see that that’s what life is really all about!

Listen to an excerpt from my SiriusXM radio show interview with Jane Herlong below.


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