How To Build A Global Brand

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Brian Smith came to the United States to search for a hot new idea that he could take back to Australia and market to the “Aussies.”

When he arrived in the U.S., he took some time off to go surfing and wore sheepskin boots. Many asked about his “funny boots” and if they could try them on. Each person who tried them asked where they could get a pair! And Brian realized that the hot new idea was not an American idea to take to Australia, but an Aussie idea that America needed!

With $500 and a big dream, he started UGG, a footwear company. He struggled to build the business and refused to give up. After many years of slowly growing the business, selling only to surfers and skiers, he was able to get into the general market and hit critical mass.

He went from a $500 initial investment to building a billion dollar business! In his new book, The Birth of a Brand Brian shares the struggles and lessons he used to build a billion dollar business.

In this dynamic interview on my SiriusXM radio show, Brian shares:

  • To succeed in business (and ultimately in life), it takes grit and determination.
  • Every business and new venture will have an infancy stage. Therefore, as you would not expect an infant to go to college shortly after birth, neither should you expect a new business to have everything working perfectly at the beginning.
  • Are you willing to struggle in order to succeed? Brian had to make one Chinese meal last for 5 meals over a week. Yet, it was those times that set the foundation for his later success!
  • You might think that making sales isn’t sexy, or are only the work of used cars salesmen, but you would be wrong. All great success is built on selling.“Nothing happens until a sale is made.” – Thomas Watson, Sr.
  • When you are in your moments of challenge, you must have faith that the universe is conspiring to help you. So, be willing to take a first step in that direction.
  • PERCEPTION: Extremely important because people judge you on their first impression.
  • Think and Project Big! Make your web presence look big. Perception is reality. Brian shares, “It’s not how big you are. It’s how big you are perceived to be that counts. You can be working out of your garage, but if your website looks like a million dollar company, people will do business with you!”
  • Invest in yourself, like Ray Kroc, of McDonald’s fame. When he was a failing milkshake machine salesman, he listened to positive audios to set his mindset – in spite of his challenges.
  • Resistance comes to all entrepreneurs. The key is to remember to service the mice while you are waiting to get the attention of the elephants. If you take care of the little mouse customers, they will tell their friends and attract the elephant customers.
  • Don’t be disheartened. Your biggest disappointment will nearly always become your greatest blessing.

 Listen to an excerpt from my SiriusXM radio show interview with Brian Smith below.


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