How To Succeed When Your Back Is Against The Wall

Dr. Shirley LuuDr. Shirley Luu is changing the game in the financial industry. She is a highly successful financial guru, advisor and wealth developer. Shirley is the Executive Field Chairman for First Financial Security and has been in the financial services field for over 20 years.

As a speaker, author, and trainer on financial literacy and education, Dr. Luu is dedicated to informing, educating, and empowering individuals and business owners on the most powerful ways to prepare and save for retirement.

As a widowed mother of 3, Dr. Luu recognizes the unique challenges that exist for women, and has been active in empowering woman to “know their money” through various educational and enrichment programs.

Shirley’s challenges were just as compelling as her successes. She was a wife and mother, raising three children, aged 16, 15 and a one year-old. Unfortunately, her husband died suddenly. While he had assured her that all of their insurances were taken care of, after his death, she discovered he had cashed in all of their policies to fund a business venture! She was left with no husband, no money and no home!

Dr. Luu decided to stop crying and start taking action. She focused on the financial service industry. Over the last 20 years, she has not only learned the industry, but has become an innovator in that field as well! She has been awarded the John Maxwell Leadership Award, the Smart CEO Brave Woman Award and the American Equity Gold Achievers Award.

Additionally, Shirley has been featured in Forbes Magazine and on many of the top financial programs across America. Dr. Luu is also the host and co-producer of “The Real Secrets of Money” television show viewed across America and Canada.

In this dynamic interview for my SiriusXM Radio Show, Shirley shares:

  • When tough times come, you have to make a choice. You can sit, cry and complain; or you can get up, get busy and take action to change the situation!
  • When your back is against the wall, you must stay positive and take positive action!
  • Diversification of income is critical for long term wealth performance.
  • Always work to leave a legacy. Scripture says “a good person leaves an inheritance for their children and grandchildren!”
  • The wise don’t just use their own money, but understand the power of OPM (Other People’s Money)!
  • The wise will expect the best, yet prepare for the worst and celebrate it all. We hope to stay healthy and live long; but the wise prepare for life, if the worst happens!
  • Married people (who really love their families) should get life and disability insurance so they don’t drastically hurt their families if they get sick or die!
  • No one gets out of life alive, so do the necessary work to live full and die prepared.
  • Make sure you are insured in case you die too soon, live too long (outlive your money) or get sick and can’t work.
  • Wealthy people always think about residual income – how make money while you sleep at night.
  • Those who think about possibilities more than problems are those win more and win bigger!


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Interview Airdate: 9/30/17

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