How Defining Moments Can Change Your Future

Bernie Swain


A true American success story, is embodied in the person of Bernie Swain. He started with very little and built a massive fortune by revolutionizing the speaking industry. He set the standard for commitment, trust and care by serving his clients and customers with a spirit of excellence.

He began as an assistant athletic director at George Washington University, with only a modest income. One day, Bernie received a note from a friend about starting a professional speaker’s bureau.

Let me note here, that the purpose of a professional speaker’s bureau is to excel in matching the right professional speaker, motivational speaker, celebrity, conference facilitator, trainer, industry speaker, etc. with the organization, company or event who is seeking the prefect individual to give their audience an impressive, over the top, experience!

Bernie and his young new wife, Paula liked the bureau idea and ventured out with Harry Rhoads, to start Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB) in 1980. Initially, it was a complete flop! There was not a single booking the first year! They had spent all of their money and were looking at the last of their life savings…then they finally got their first booking.

They worked diligently to make that relationship between the speaker and the client a success. The word spread about their positive attitude, their honesty, and their integrity; and they started to grow.

Today, after more than thirty years and over 50,000 engagements later, Washington Speakers Bureau is the preeminent speaker’s bureau in America! WSB has represented former U.S. presidents, American and world leaders, business visionaries, journalists, authors and sports legends. Their clients have included President Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, General Colin Powell, Tom Brokaw, President George W. Bush, Lou Holtz and Terry Bradshaw.

Bernie’s new book, What Made Me What I Am, is inspiring people around the world. He captures the leadership transformations of 34 of WSB’s speakers –with their secrets of how to succeed in business and in life!

In this dynamic interview for my SiriusXM Radio Show, Bernie shares:

  • Those who succeed at the highest levels make a commitment to always exceed expectations.
  • Commit to excellence
  • There is no short cut to long term success
  • Wealth is built over time, so be patient and keep working hard. Never stop growing or trying.
  • Decide to get mentors; learn from the wise.
  • Make the most of those who share wisdom. When a wise person dies, it’s like a library burning down
  • You are your brand. Your actions speak louder over time more than your words
  • Selling is a key part of all successful ventures. You must sell your vision to your team and sell your product to the world.
  • Great belief in your product or service is essential to be effective at any selling.
  • Great selling means being so comfortable with your product, that you influence others to give it a try; like sharing your favorite restaurant with a friend!


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Interview Airdate: 9/23/17

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