How to Learn, Earn and Live Your Dreams

Dr. Willie Jolley and Les Brown


Les Brown is considered the greatest motivational speaker on the planet today. At 72 years old, he is still transforming lives all around the world.

Les was born in an abandoned building in Miami, Florida. His mother gave him and his twin brother up for adoption upon birth and he was raised by his adopted mother, Mamie Brown.

Les grew up in the poorest part of Miami and struggled in school. He was labeled “educable mentally retarded,” yet with the help of his mother and a high teacher who encouraged him, Les decided to not let “someone else’s opinion become his reality!”

Les Brown has gone on to become a multi-millionaire, a best-selling author, a national radio and TV personality and one of the most in demand speakers in history.

Les Brown Key Points:

  • “We should learn, earn, and then pass it on.” He quotes Horace Mann, who said, “We should be afraid to die until we’ve made some positive contribution to mankind.”
  • Make a commitment to keep working on your goals and dreams – no matter how old you are. There is still time to create a great today and greater tomorrow.
  • If you can learn to tell you story in a powerful way, it will influence people, help them see your point of view, and also make  you more money.
  • The key to transformation is creating an experience. Many believe that when you speak, you need a lot of information; but if it were just based on information, everyone would be skinny, rich and happy!
  • Use your story to DISTRACT, DISPUTE AND INSPIRE:
  • Distract: You distract them by capturing their attention. This allows people to step out of their story that has them stuck. Instead, take them on a journey using their imagination.
  • Dispute: Now use your story strategically, where you create an experience that helps them overcome their issues. You challenge their current vision and issues that they currently wallow in. You dispute the struggle that they have in their own heads! This makes people realize that “Greater is He that is in them than he that is in the world; they are more than a conqueror.”
  • This makes people say, “Who am I to allow the trivial things I have encountered stop me? I CAN create a new chapter in my life.” And people become ready to make some new choices.
  • Inspire: You get to expand their minds, touch their hearts and IGNITE THEIR SPIRITS! NOW they are ready to make some new choices because of the experience you created!
  • “Once a mind has been expanded with an idea, concept or experience, it can never be satisfied with going back to where it was.”


Dr. Willie Jolley foam finger

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Interview Airdate: 9/16/17

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