The Magic of “Magic” Johnson

Earvin "Magic" Johnson

The magic is still within Earvin “Magic” Johnson!

He was a state basketball champion in high school; a National Collegiate Champion in college; and won a World Championship in his first year with the Los Angeles Lakers. Yet, in November 1991, derailed by health issues, Magic Johnson left the Lakers after 5 Championships and twelve years with the team.

Still The Magic

But he has “magic.”  His magic is his winner’s attitude. That mindset has allowed him to rebound and prosper at an uber pace and with amazing magnitude! Bucking the trend of many pro athletes that struggle financially after their sports careers end, Magic Johnson has become a renaissance man with an amazing list of business achievements.

He’s operating at breakneck speed. From a portfolio of national franchises, including 125 Starbucks stores, Burger King, 24-Hour Fitness Centers, Washington Mutual Home Loan Centers, AMC/Magic Johnson Movie Theatres and T.G.I. Friday’s, he’s now the new president of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball operations!

Johnson has also joined ownership groups for several pro sports teams in the L.A. area, all on top of his new role as the president of the Lakers! He’s a member of the ownership group Guggenheim Partners, that acquired the WNBA team, the Los Angeles Sparks. They won a title in 2016.  

Also with the Guggenheim Partners, Magic Johnson bought the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012 for $2.15 billion, which included the parking lot and the land around Dodgers Stadium. And with celebrity group investors, he bought into the expansion MLS side of Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), which will join the league in 2018. He’s even an investor with a group from of the Netherlands, in aXiomatic eSports, which is in the entertainment facilities and sports arena!

Focus and Philosophy

A Fortune magazine article quoted Magic Johnson as saying, “Kids look to ballplayers as idols, but BET founder Bob Johnson is my idol.” You must create your own success.

Magic’s Lessons:

Save, Save, Save.

Magic Johnson is universally known for his illustrious sports career. He made over $18 million playing basketball. He was able to use some of those funds to launch his empire that is now valued at billions of dollars.

While we may not make millions a year, all financial advisors stress saving money! Saving your money gives you options for investing in other revenue generating opportunities.

Set Your Goals.

He wanted to revitalize urban communities. Magic now has many business investments in areas that look like where he grew up. Magic’s vision was crystal clear. Are you able to articulate your goals? Are they written down? Do you review them daily? Do they motivate you to take action?

Plan Strategic Action.

Magic Johnson is strategic in his thinking and long range planning. He set his sites on being a successful businessman in the vein of Bob Johnson. He focused on the business areas he wanted to master. Then, he partnered with other successful businesspeople in the areas where he wanted to grow.

He’s a great example for us to model.

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There are many motivational speakers, and then there is the one, the only, the incomparable Dr. Willie Jolley. He has been described simultaneously as a world-class, award-winning speaker and singer, best-selling author and media personality.There are many motivational speakers, and then there is the one, the only, the incomparable Dr. Willie Jolley. He has been described simultaneously as a world-class, award-winning speaker and singer, best-selling author and media personality.

Dr. Willie Jolley has achieved remarkable heights in the speaking industry, having come from humble beginnings as a fired singer, who was replaced by a karaoke machine! He has gone on to be named “One of the Outstanding Five Speakers in the World” by the 175,000 members of Toastmasters International, inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame and achieved the distinction of Certified Speaker Professional by the National Speakers Association. He’s the recipient of the Ron Brown Distinguished Leadership Award, named “One of the Top 5 Leadership Speakers” by and Business Leader of The Year by The African American Chambers of Commerce.

Dr. Jolley is the host of the #1 Motivational Show in America on SiriusXM Radio. He is the author of several international best-selling books including, It Only Takes A Minute To Change Your LifeA Setback Is A Setup For A ComebackTurn Setbacks Into Greenbacks and An Attitude of Excellence.

Many know him as the speaker who helped Ford Motors go from the brink of bankruptcy in 2006 to be able to reject a government bailout in 2009.

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