YouTube Sensation Jeanne Robertson


Jeanne Robertson and her husband, Jerry, with Willie and Dee Jolley

Jeanne Robertson and her husband, Jerry, with Willie and Dee Jolley 

Jeanne Robertson is one of America’s Living Legends. She has been speaking for over 50 years and is a viral internet sensation today with over 40 Million views of her popular YouTube channel!

Jeanne has been awarded every top honor in the speaking industry including being inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame and receiving the Golden Gavel from Toastmasters International. She was one of the first female presidents of the National Speakers Association and given their top award, “The Cavett Award.” 

In addition to being a YouTube sensation, Jeanne has been featured on CBS’s “60 Minutes” and is heard daily on SiriusXM Radio’s Family Comedy Channel. What is most amazing is that she is now selling out theaters across America with her “Just Jeanne” humor shows. All of this from a woman who is now in her mid-seventies.  

Jeanne Robertson has built a very successful business by using some simple principles that can help you build your business and sustain it over many decades as well.

In this dynamic interview for my SiriusXM radio show, Jeanne shares:

  1. Age is just a number. It is mindset that really matters!
  2. Never let your age limit you. Use it to lift you to the next level.
  3. Embrace the internet and technology.
  4. Always think of new ways to positively impact your audience and your market.
  5. Commit to excellence, and then re-commit!
  6. Use marketing your momma taught you – be nice to people!
  7. Before you spend time on a project, ask: “What is the expected outcome?”  Invest in activities that have value for your brand!
  8. Prioritize your life and run your business. But never let your business run you. Enjoy life, family and friends! It really is priceless!
  9. Do what you love and what you do best. Make a commitment to stand out by being the absolute best you that you can be!


Dr. Willie Jolley foam finger

Listen to this incredible interview on The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show on SiriusXM Channel 141. Airdates: Saturday, August 12th at 4pm ET, Monday, August 14th at 8am ET, Tuesday, August 15th at 6pm ET and Wednesday, August 16th at 11am ET. Listen and be inspired!

Original airdate: April 22, 2017

The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show, is the #1 Motivational / Inspirational Show on SiriusXM.

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