Are You Ready For a Really Great Year?

Happy New Year 2017

Many of us start out the New Year excited and ready to make it the best year yet. We tell family and friends we’re ready for better times and make many New Year’s resolutions. The problem is, most people are only excited for the first two weeks of the New Year! By the third week, the resolutions are forgotten and we are back doing exactly what we did before! And why is that? We just talk about resolutions and we lack motivation!

New Year’s Resolution Trap
We get caught in the “New Year’s Resolution Trap.” I call it a “resolution trap” because it feels good to make New Year’s Resolutions. But rarely do resolutions materialize into anything tangible. Statistics show that the sale of diet products and health club attendance are highest in the first two weeks of the year. But that enthusiasm starts to dwindle by the end of the first month.

Resolutions are nice, feel-good statements; but are a waste of time. They have no substance and rarely, if ever, create any sustainable improvement in people’s lives. I recommend you DO NOT make New Year’s Resolutions! Rather, set goals for The New Year! Setting goals is key to your achievement.

Goal vs. Resolution
How can you distinguish a goal from a resolution? Goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound..and they must be written down! Resolutions are nebulous, are not specific and are almost never written down.

Rather than making a resolution of losing some weight and making more money this year, I recommend you set goals. For example, set a specific weight goal, such as, “by June 1st I will lose “X” pounds,” or “I will get to “X” pounds by June 1st and maintain it.” In terms of income, decide how much more money you want to make this year and by what date you want to make it. Whatever you want to achieve this year…set the goal, set the date of achievement, write it down, read it daily and GET BUSY!  You will see your life change!

Lack of Motivation
The second issue that stops people from growing each year is a lack of continuous motivation. Many get motivated at the start of the year, but can’t keep it up. Some say the problem with motivation is that it wears off! Well, so does bathing! Yet, most people bathe everyday (we hope). The same has to be done with motivation…it must be ongoing to maintain effectiveness.

To turn your goals into realities, make motivation a part of your daily routine. Commit to reading or listening to something motivational each and every day. Commit to fill your mind with that which is positive and encouraging. Find something that inspires you – books, motivational CDs or inspirational music that encourages you to dream and then motivates you to go after your dreams.

I recommend you start this journey to success by going to my Facebook page and listening to my daily motivational messages. Or you can get free motivation by visiting In fact, I am happy to announce a new resource for our friends.

If you visit, you can sign up and download Napoleon Hill’s book, Think & Grow Rich. This book changed my life. Read it and get ready to change your life!

Whatever you do, do something each and EVERY day to get a daily dose of motivation, inspiration and encouragement. I can attest that it works. Invest in yourself and you will see results in an amazingly short amount of time…I guarantee it!

So folks, write down your goals and select how you’re going to stay motivated. Now…On Your Mark, Get Ready and Let’s Go! Make this an incredible Year!

God Bless You!

Dr. Willie Jolley

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