How To Win No Matter Who Won The Election!


This week, I’ve recorded a special show to help people better handle this Presidential Election. Whether your candidate won or your candidate lost, we are finding people stressed out as a result.

According to the American Psychological Association, over 50% of Americans  (both Democrats and Republicans) are in a state of stress. Plus, the Director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline said their lines have been flooded with calls!

So, this week, I decided to dedicate a special edition of my SiriusXM radio show to share ideas and principles I’ve been sharing with my audiences around the country on TV and radio, over the past week.

President Obama shared with his staff, “You can mope for a day or a week or two weeks, if necessary, but then you must get up and going, because we have work to get done!

You can get up and get back in the process or you can sit in a pool of despair or in a state of constant anger…it’s your choice!”

To be the most productive, we need to be clear-minded and focused.

When the election was over, I had to have a conversation with myself.  I asked myself, what would I tell one of my best clients to do? I answered my question and took my own advice…and it worked!!

Here’s what I did to get back on track. These principles were taken from my book, Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks:

#1 Don’t Panic!  Panic is taken from the Greek word to choke. When you panic, you choke off the air to your brain and cannot think clearly! Calm down and think; then get to work on being the change you want to see in the world!

# 2 Don’t commiserate.  Don’t dwell on all the bad news and listen to all the 24/7 news cycle of bad tidings. It is already stressful, and digesting constant negative news does not help you get up and going. So turn off the TV. Listen to positive, upbeat music or motivational and inspirational information. Visit my website for free uplifting information and music. Plug into podcasts or try for positive resources.

#3 Don’t let your pride poison your prosperity.  Don’t get so prideful that you can’t see the opportunities and the places where you could help make a positive difference. Someone is going to WIN, so it might as well be YOU! I decided to WIN, no matter who got IN!

#4 Don’t stop thinking about the power and possibilities of tomorrow.  Maya Angelou said, “If there is something in your life you don’t like, change it. If you cannot change it, change your attitude.” Keep one eye on today, so you can deal with the problems of now, but always keep an eye on the future and your goals and dreams. If the dream is big enough, the problems won’t matter. My dreams and goals are bigger than the challenges of today (taken from my book A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback!).

#5 Be Proactive!  Once you are clear on your personal goals and dreams, get busy! Don’t wait for good stuff to happen to you, make up your mind to make stuff happen for your good! Visit for my Gold Medal Goals program. There, you will learn how to effectively set goals that can change your life and change the world.

#6 Be creative!  Use your intellect as well as your gifts to help America succeed! If we all work toward that goal, it can have a profound impact on our future collectively and individually.

#7 Be Prayerful!  Prayer Change things! Trust God and Work Hard! Coach Tony Dungy sent out this piece from sportscaster Ernie Johnson. It speaks powerfully to faith and prayer in this election. Check it out here.

Strategies to Win More!

  • Make the most of adversity- Learn from it and grow from it!
  • Have enthusiasm about your ideas. They make people interested.
  • Develop a winners’ mindset! Work every day on your mindset.
  • Make up your mind to WIN!
  • Be tenacious and be willing to outwork your competition.
  • Be willing to do the grunt work, as well as the executive work.
  • Be a positive thinker, work on your optimism, even in spite of negative people, places and things!
  • Always build your brand and think generationally! Decide to leave a legacy for your children’s great, great grandchildren!


Dr. Willie Jolley foam finger

Listen to this special edition of The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show on SiriusXM Channel 141. Airdates: Saturday, November,  19th at 4pm ET, Monday, November 21st at 8am ET, Tuesday, November 22nd at 6pm ET and Wednesday, November 23rd at 11am ET. Listen and be inspired!

The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show, is the #1 Motivational / Inspirational Show on SiriusXM.

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