How To Go From Sleeping In Your Office To Making Millions









Anthony D. Newton Jr. is the founder and CEO of Kaduceus Holdings Inc., a corporation created to provide continuing education to high school students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.  At the age of 25, he started his business. He had little more than a dream and a few dollars.

Anthony grew up in inner city Houston, where he had to decide to either focus on education and starting a career or hanging with his buddies in the streets of the 5th Ward.  After being sentenced to 30 days in jail, Anthony decided business was the better option!

He lived in his office for almost a year, as he struggled to get his business going. But he never stopped reading and listening to self improvement materials. Now, Anthony’s a millionaire.

In less than 10 years, Anthony Newton has built a multi-million dollar business that impacts young people across America. His programs are in over 250 school districts around the United States.  Anthony is the youngest entrepreneur (in the medical field) to win the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award with Small Business Administration.

During my interview with Anthony on my SiriusXM radio show, he shared the following powerful points:

  • Dream big …then work and fight for that dream.
  • Move on your dream with all your power, and add your faith to it.
  • You will often have people who believe in your dream as well as those who think you’ve lost your mind. Focus on the supporters.
  • Struggle until you can stand on your own. Then, be willing to struggle to get up and run. Keep working on running faster and harder every day.
  • Make the commitment to be the best YOU you can be! Read self-help books and continue to grow yourself.
  • Be a blessing to others with your money. Be mindful that as you give, so shall good be given unto you.
  • Don’t just complain about the things in life you aren’t happy with – do something about it.
  • When you don’t get the job or contract, ask yourself “What could I do to be better?” Positive critiques can be the breakfast of champions.
  • Fail faster so you can get to success quicker!
  • Make a point to get up every day with a determined spirit and drive forward! You can use drive and determination to develop your destiny!
  • Everything you want is on the other side of fear


Dr. Willie Jolley foam finger

Listen to this incredible interview on The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show on SiriusXM Channel 141. Airdates: Saturday, November,  12th at 4pm ET, Monday, November 14th at 8am ET, Tuesday, November 15th at 6pm ET and Wednesday, November 16th at 11am ET. Listen and be inspired!

The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show, is the #1 Motivational / Inspirational Show on SiriusXM.

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