How to Become Debt-Free in 5 Simple Steps

Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr. is the author of the best selling book, Dfree, and creator of “dfree®” which is a financial freedom movement. This movement addresses the cultural, psychological and spiritual influences on creating financial freedom and financial wellness.

Dr. Soaries is the Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, New Jersey. His pastoral ministry focuses on spiritual growth, educational excellence, economic empowerment and faith-based community development.

He was featured by CNN on the 3rd installment of Blacks In America. The 90 minute documentary, with Soledad O’Brien, focused on the “Almighty Debt.”  The dfree® strategy is being used by hundreds of churches and organizations to eliminate debt and create financial freedom.  In addition to serving as a full time pastor, Dr. Soaries serves as an independent director at the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York and Independence Realty Trust of Philadelphia.  He is former Secretary of State of New Jersey and Chairman of the United States Election Assistance Commission.

Dr. Soaries also is a popular speaker all across America.  He is helping millions of people to learn how to grow their success and wealth.

In this powerful interview, Dr. Soaries shared incredible ideas and insights:

  • To succeed in life and in your finances, you must wage war against pessimism and take up your wealth building weapons.
  • To succeed in your finances you must first change your thinking and that starts with your inputs. Your inputs determine your outputs, and your outlooks determine your outcomes!
  • Debt is not only a financial issue but also a spiritual issue. It shows a level of impatience and lack of faith. The prodigal son used up his inheritance because he was impatient and unwilling to wait.
  • Dfree is freedom from debt, delinquency and deficits, and leads to freedom that results in deposits, dividends and deeds.
  • The first step to Financial Freedom is to “Get Straight,” which is to write down every penny you spend for 30 days.
  • The second step to Financial Freedom is to “Get Started,” which is to honestly identify your spending leaks.
  • The third step to Financial Freedom is to “Get Control,” is to pay off debts from smallest to largest.
  • The fourth step to Financial Freedom is to “Get Ahead,” which is to invest your money.
  • The fifth step to Financial Freedom is to “Give Back!” The more you give the more you get!


Dr. Willie Jolley foam finger

Listen to this incredible interview on The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show on SiriusXM Channel 141. Airdates: Saturday, March 5th at 4pm ET, Monday, March 7th at 8am ET, Tuesday, March 8th at 6pm ET and Wednesday, March 9th at 11am ET. Listen and be inspired!

The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show, is the #1 Motivational / Inspirational Show on SiriusXM.

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