Tips On How To Increase Your Wealth Now!

Bob Harrison
Dr. Bob Harrison is known globally as Dr. Increase! He is America’s leading “Increase Authority!” Dr. Harrison has sold over one million audio programs on “Increase Thinking.” He is a best-selling author and noted seminar/event speaker who has shared at conferences and to television audiences worldwide.

Bob has been a fixture on the national Get Motivated Seminar platform for over twenty years, speaking to arenas of people and helping change millions of lives. In addition to the public seminars, he also holds his own seminars in exotic locations around the world. His seminars are always in high demand among business leaders and high achievers.

Bob was launched into the speaking industry by creating an incredible turnaround of a California automobile dealership. He went in for an oil change and ended up becoming a partner and eventually buying the dealership. He was able to help the dealership go from bankruptcy to a booming dealership almost overnight. From there he started helping others to increase their wealth by some powerful success principles.

In this my powerful SiriusXM interview with Bob, he shares secrets to helping people to become wealthy:

  • Decide to be different from those who are satisfied with where they are.
    Mindset is the key! You must make up your mind to live in the realm of increase!
  • Start a 90-day re-programming campaign, where you change your thinking and change your mindset. Read and listen daily to messages that will help you see that increase is possible.
  • Once you start re-programming your mind, decide to stay out of the fear and stay in faith. Even when things get tough, stay in faith!
  • Create a vision of what your life would look like if you were to have exponential increase, and then start working on that vision.
  • Be careful what you allow in your ears and eyes because input determines output and income!
  • Think about increase every day.  Think like the person in the front of the plane, rather than those in the back of the plane.
  • Look for opportunities and seize them! They are there for you!
  • Always give your customers more than they expect, and make a commitment to be excellent in your work.
  • Start preparing for your future success. Prepare yourself for the life you want.
  • What you’re ready for will normally show up!  Are you ready?
  • Ask: ”What if what I wanted was here?” Make a list of what you would need to be ready for.
  • Ask: “What you can do positive today to change your life in the direction of what you want?”
  • Decide to interrupt the old negative patterns and start creating some new positive patterns. Achievers create their own interruptions.



Dr. Willie Jolley foam finger

Listen to the replay of this incredible interview on The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show on SiriusXM Channel 141. It airs 4 times, over the next week: Saturday, July 30th at 4pm ET, Monday, August 1st at 8am ET, Tuesday, August 2nd at 6pm ET and Wednesday, August 3rd at 11am ET. Listen and be inspired!

Original airdate: 10/31/16

The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show, is the #1 Motivational / Inspirational Show on SiriusXM.

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