30 Years and Still Going Strong!

Willie and Dee Jolley

Two events occurred in the month of June that drastically improved my life. One is getting married and the other was starting my speaking business. I got married on June 28th 1985 and this weekend, my wife Dee and I will celebrate out 30th wedding anniversary.

Then, a few years after getting married, I was fired from my nightclub job and replaced by a karaoke machine. That pushed me to start my speaking business on June 1st 1991. So this month is a special month for me and I am grateful for both occurrences.

After many years of prodding from our kids and extended family, we are completing the first book in our “Jolley Relationship” series, focused on marriage.

We’re always being asked how we work together, travel together and are simply together on average, 20 hours per day. (Dee goes to the gym at 6am and I go at 8am and we meet back in the office around 10am). People are amazed that we are able to be together so much and yet not argue! In fact, we have not had an argument in over 20 years!

We do not argue because we have learned invaluable principles that has been translated into a “JOLLEY” marriage and a successful business partnership.

Stay tuned for our marriage success book, entitled “Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last!” this fall.

Keep your eyeballs peeled for pre-order information of the book!


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