The Power of Being Unreasonable!

If you want to win more and get what you want more often, you must make a decision to be unreasonable! But you must do so without being rude or nasty.

When most people think about being unreasonable, they think it means you must be rude or even nasty. I believe you need to be determined and unreasonable, yet pleasant. You just need to be determined and confident that you will prevail…even if you don’t know how!

To be unreasonable is to have a mindset that does not settle for less than the best of what you want. Some people will say, “Can’t you just be reasonable and take the lesser option?” And my answer is “Thank you, but I cannot take that option! But I appreciate your asking!”

Recently, I was headed to Indianapolis to speak for The Indianapolis Get Motivated Seminar, and when I arrived at the airport, I was told my flight was two hours delayed. I asked the agent how that would impact my connecting flight, and was informed I would miss the connecting flight and therefore be unable to get to Indianapolis until the next day! I shared with the agent that I had an 8am television interview on Indy Style TV and she said the best she could do was to get me there by 10am – two hours after my scheduled interview!

I smiled and told the agent that would not work since I had the 8am event. She then said she could get me on a flight to another connecting city, where I would need to spend the night. She would get me on the first flight out, but it would still not get me to Indy until 9:30am. Again, I smiled and told her that would not work. She continued to try to get me to take one of the lesser options, including flying me to a city where I would have to drive all night, and still not be guaranteed to arrive in time…and I continued to smile and tell her that I needed a flight that evening, that would get me to Indianapolis that night.

Finally, the agent called over her supervisor, and I smiled, shook his hand and explained my situation – how I had to get to Indianapolis that evening. The agent explained to her supervisor all the options she had offered and that none were acceptable to me. (She said I was nice, but unreasonable.) The supervisor asked me about a few of the options and I told him that I appreciated his asking but I needed to be in Indianapolis that evening! He then picked up the phone and called another airline and asked if they could get me on their flight to Indianapolis, and told them he would pay for it! And BINGO, I was booked to Indianapolis that evening…on a direct flight at that!

Both the agent and the supervisor laughed and said, “Wow! You are different! Most people are pushy and are nasty, and get nothing! But you refused to move off your position and got everything you wanted!”

I gave both of them my business card and asked them to please send me a way to contact them and so I could send them a gift. Then, I was off to the gate to catch my flight to Indianapolis.

I never raised my voice. I was never rude and never nasty. I was just unreasonable! And by 11:00pm that night, I was in my hotel room.

The next morning, I had a terrific time with the folks on Indy StyIe TV. This was the result of being unreasonable!

If you have not seen this interview, view it now and get ready to have some FUN!!! And remember, be unreasonable, but never rude…and life will become more fun, because you will WIN more!

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