Technology is Amazing!

Recently, I was invited to speak to students at my Alma Mater, American University, in Washington, DC. After my speech, there was time for Q & A. They asked a number of intriguing questions, some I had to stop and ponder before answering thoughtfully. Yet, there was one question I answered without any hesitation: “Dr. Jolley, with all your success and accomplishments, what is the best thing about living in this moment in history?” My answer was immediate. “Technology!”

I shared how my world, and the world at large, has been transformed in the 30 years since I finished college. I’ve been amazed at the technological changes that have become a part of our every day lives. When I went to college, no one had personal computers. The only computers were the big mainframe ones. We had no mobile phones, iPads, GPS, Google or social media. The world has literally been transformed. And we continue to see amazing changes each and every day!

When I think back, I am confounded how we survived without them. Every time I use GPS, I ask myself the same question, “How did I survive without this person telling me where to turn?” And yet, I know people who are still not taking advantage of the incredible technological tools at our disposal. One friend refuses to get a smart phone, and another refuses to use social media.  In fact, I recently visited a friend who lives in a home that only has a black and white television!   Seeing today’s shows in black and white was intriguing.  But, I love the technological changes that have come to light since I finished college. And I wonder what would have happened if I had not adapted and accepted the new technologies.

I share this because I am so excited about one of the newest and most amazing technologies I’ve experienced as a professional speaker. It is a way for people to get access to my business building messages, without me having to physically be there! It encourages people to grow and be transformed on a 24/7 on-demand platform. It is called “JolleyVT” (Jolley Virtual Transformation). I am excited that individuals, companies and churches have jumped on board to take advantage of this new ground breaking technology.

Now you can personally experience this new technology for yourself. I want to offer you a free test drive of the Jolley VT. Go to and you will be able to see for yourself why so many people are raving about this new technology. Don’t be like my friend who is not using a smart phone. Test it out and use it to grow and transform your future!

Welcome to the future – Virtual Willie Jolley!

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