Fall Into Success


What do you do when you slip and fall in life? Sometimes you might literally slip and fall, but also you might figuratively slip and fall. The slip might be on a piece of ice on the sidewalk or it might be with a missed opportunity in business that made you lose money and lose confidence.

Sometimes, we all will have moments when we slip and fall, and you need to know what to do when you have one of those moments. What will help you get back up and get back to moving forward with a zip in your hip and a zest in your steps?

Over the years, I have had numerous slip and fall moments in business. I have had failures and tumbles, and I have had numerous slips and setbacks. Yet, I have learned that a slip is not the end of the story and a failure is not final; unless you allow it to become the end of your story and you allow it to become your final epitaph.

I recently had a physical slip and fall, where I fell while walking down the stairs into the auditorium for a speaking engagement. And the experience was so profound, it made me change the message I had planned to give that day! And when I finished my speech that day, I had person come up and thank me for what I shared!

Throughout the years, I have made a habit of recording my speeches because I learned early on that some speeches are really good, and some are magical, life-changing messages that don’t come from me, but rather come through me! This is one of those messages! Enjoy it with my compliments!

God Bless You!!!!!

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