How To Build Long-lasting Success and Have Big Fun!

Mark C. Thompson is a New York Times best selling author, world-renowned coach, venture capitalist, businessman and entrepreneur.

He is a coach and advisor to some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs including Sir Richard Branson!

Mr. Thompson is the former “Chief Experience” Officer for Charles Schwab and co-founder of the Schwab Foundation.

In his spare time, Mr. Thompson produces Broadway plays and has won 5 Tony Awards.

Here are some of the lessons Mark C. Thompson shared in this powerful interview:

  • Stay fresh and excited about life!  Keep learning and make it important to make an impact.
  • Life is not like the movies.  No superhero is coming to rescue you.  You must be your own superhero and rescue yourself!
  • Get a big vision and a big cause. If the vision and the cause are big enough, you can overcome any challenge. The cause should have charisma and be compelling.
  • Create strategic alliances. Find others who also want to achieve big and work together to help each other achieve even more.
  • You can achieve more with others than you can alone.
  • Think about how you help your customers succeed, like you would someone on your team.  In turn, they will think about you more and do more business with you.
  • Keep learning, keep growing and stretching yourself.
  • Learn from others who have done what you want to do. Remember, if you really want to be great, you need to walk, talk and learn from the great!
  • Always look for ways you can give more value. Make a point to give value before asking for value.
  • Pay it forward everyday, and stay inspired. If you do, you will live a life that will make a difference and you will have joy in the doing.

Nelson Mandela taught Mark C. Thompson 3 major principles to be a person of impact:

1. Purpose
Find a cause that is greater than you.

2. Performance Greatness
Commit to be excellent in what you do.

3. Passion
Find what really attracts you – turns you on so much that you would do it if you were not paid. If you do it with passion and excellence, people will pay you! And pay you well! You do not have to be perfect to be great and to make great things happen. Live your purpose!  Be excellent! And finally, have passion!  If you do those things, you will achieve incredible things with your life.


Dr. Willie Jolley foam fingerYou can catch Mark C. Thompson’s interview with Dr. Willie Jolley Saturday, May 9th at 4pm ET, with replays on Monday, May 11th at 8am ET and Wednesday, May 13th at 11am ET, on SiriusXM Channel 141 – HUR Voices. The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show, is the #1 Motivational / Inspirational Show on SiriusXM.

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