Success Lessons from My “Pop”

Dr. Willie Jolley and Dave Yoho
Dave Yoho is an icon in the motivational speaking, as well as the consulting industry. He has won every award in the speaking and consulting field. He delivered his first speech when he was 23 years old; and over the last 63 years, he has given over 5,000 paid speeches. YES, he is now 86 years young and still working every day. He has the vigor and vitality of someone half his age. Plus, he is still in high demand as a speaker and consultant.

Dave Yoho has been a mentor to me and helped me grow my business. In addition, to his wise business counsel, he has included me as part of his family, which has blessed me personally. I call him “Pop,” and I have been invited to every one of his major family celebrations. His counsel and insight has been invaluable to me personally and professionally.

In my SiriusXM Radio interview with Pop, he shares not only tips for business success, but also tips for living longer, stronger and better:

  • Age is a number, and you choose how you look at that number. You can act like most people your age traditionally act, or act like someone years younger. It truly is your choice!
    In the book, A Tale Of Two Cities, the first line states, “This is the best of times, and the worst of times!” That is true! Yet, we decide which it is for us! You make the difference!
  • We live in a world focused on bad news. Yet the good news is that most of the bad news is about perspective rather than truth. If you think things are bad, they will be. Yet, if you think things are great…so too will they be!  It is about perspective and choice!
  • Those who win most are those who think in “Alpha” stage. That is, this is just the beginning! No matter how old you are.
  • Learning is fundamental to long-term success. In times of great change, those who are the learners are those who will inherit the future.
  • Do you want to stay young…then stay active! Your central nervous system is fired by activity. Keep working and keep active and keep living!
  • If you know what do to be a success and you do not do it, then it is like not knowing it at all. So, do what you know!!!!
  • The EPOD Formula for Success Works!  Energy – Persuasion – Optimism and Discipline. Of these, optimism and discipline are primary.
  • Ask yourself daily, “What have I learned?” Then ask, “What will I do with what I have learned?”
  • Make the decision to be grateful! It is a choice and it makes a huge difference in your longevity and success!

Dr. Willie Jolley foam fingerYou can listen to the replay of this powerful interview on The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show, which is the #1 Motivational / Inspirational Show on SiriusXM. Catch the interview Saturday August 1st at 4pm ET, with replays on Monday, August 3rd at 8am ET and Wednesday, August 5th at 11am ET, on Sirius XM Channel 141 – HUR Voices. (Original airdate: 2/21/15)

One thought on “Success Lessons from My “Pop”

  1. The EPOD Formula for Success Works! Energy – Persuasion – Optimism and Discipline. Of these, optimism and discipline are primary. – Very true often we let pessimism in and the negative energy gives us reasons to not stay disciplined in a task. Everything we do should be done joyfully!

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