Playing Monopoly For Real

Norm JenkinsNorm Jenkins is playing monopoly for real! As the founder of Capstone Development, he’s the owner of the new Marriott Marquis Hotel in Washington DC. This is the latest and greatest in the Marriott International chain and the flagship hotel for Washington DC’s Convention Center.

Prior to the launch of Capstone, Mr. Jenkins was Senior Vice President of North American Lodging Development and a corporate officer of Marriott International, Inc. Norm is a frequent industry conference speaker and serves on numerous boards. His professional career began at McDonald’s Corporation, where he held management positions in finance and operations. He has made his mark by buying and building hotels around America.

Norm Jenkins is a man of great faith and great focus. Now he’s building great financial success, and wants to help others do the same!

In this dynamic interview Norm shared:

  • The secret to long-term success is a dream, a willingness to work hard and a willingness to keep fighting for that dream. It took him over 10 years to get the Marriott Marquis project completed. There were many obstacles, delays and distractions. He learned that you must have fortitude to reach big goals and dreams
  • Look at your present position as preparation for your future successes, and pursue excellence at each and every level that you travel on your path to success
  • Believe in yourself and be willing to bet on you
  • Learn from everything – even your failures. Your setbacks have valuable currency for your future
  • Have faith and use your faith, because it is the power source that you must use to GO and GROW through tough times
  • Success involves a process. It is not a microwave oven process, but a slow-cooking process
  • When you fail and get knocked down (which you will) don’t despair, don’t give up…get back up, dust yourself off and get back in the fight
  • Look for opportunities and then be willing to move on those opportunities.  Jump in with all you have!

You can listen to this powerful interview on Saturday, February 7th at 4pm ET.  You can also hear it on Monday, February 9th at 8am ET, and Wednesday, February 11th at 11am on SiriusXM Channel 141 – HUR Voices.

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