Google + Monopoly = $$

Sean V. Bradley is an entrepreneurial dynamo! A dynamic speaker, business consultant and trainer, Sean is also the founder and CEO of one of America’s top automotive digital marketing firms – Dealer Synergy.

He runs 5 companies, including the popular virtual training organization, These are impressive credentials for any businessperson, especially when you consider he is still under the age of 40! Sean’s hot new book, Win The Game of Googleopoly, will keep his star rising through the stratosphere.

Some of the success tips Sean shares:

  • You must have a mindset to hustle (legally) and out-think and out- work your competition
  • The secret to success is to look for people who have a problem and find a way to solve it for them. You will make money solving their problem!
  • Decide to differentiate yourself and you will stand out from the crowd
  • Allow only positive people, places and things in your personal space
  • Expect the best, prepare for the worse and keep fighting for your dream
  • Keep growing, learning and re-inventing yourself
  • You must adapt to the changes in the world (like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pinterest) or die a slow painful death!
  • Take the initiative and keep making things happen, rather than waiting for things to happen.
  • Think of Google and online marketing like playing Monopoly. The more “real estate” you occupy, the more likelihood someone will land on it and pay you money for your offerings.

You can listen to this powerful interview on Sirius XM Channel 141 – HUR Voices, this Saturday January 31st, at 4pm ET. You can also hear it Monday, February 2nd at 8am ET or Wednesday, February 4th at 11am. You can also order Sean’s book and other material at and

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