Getting to Yes!

THopkinsThe icon of selling, Tom Hopkins, is back by popular demand, on my SiriusXM Program this week. Tom Hopkins has rightly earned the reputation of being America’s #1 “How to” Sales Trainer by impacting millions of people around the globe with his selling secrets.

Tom perfected his selling skills during his 8-year real estate career in which he achieved amazing success. In his last year of selling real estate, he sold 365 homes, an average of one per day, something unheard of at the time and rarely matched, even today!

He has authored 18 books, which have sold over 2.5 million copies. In 2013, Tom was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Best- Selling Authors. He is a man who has literally changed the face of sales success globally!

Here are the lessons that Tom Hopkins shared in his powerful interview:

  • In order to achieve your highest levels, you need to set big goals. Most people are “wishers” of success. But to become a serious success, you need to go beyond wishing and become a goal setter – then a goal getter!
  • Goals are a blueprint for building a great life. Develop the blueprint, and continue to read it daily.
  • Most people do not set goals because it is hard to do. Many spend more time on planning their 2-week vacation than on the details of their lives!
  • Your goals must be specific. “To be terrific …you must be specific!”
  • Your goals should be exciting and challenging…something a little better than your present best. Something that will make you stretch and take risks!
  • Set 90-day goals. Work on those goals for 90 days and make a commitment to achieve them. Then after 90 days, set other 90-day goals. Over 4 quarters, you’ll have incredible results.
  • Make sure you have health goals at the top of your goal list. Be rich and sick is stupid!
  • Have a meeting with yourself every night where you make a list of 6 things you will work on the next day to help you achieve your blueprint.
  • Check last night’s goals each night and track your results.
  • Often what you want is hidden behind the word “NO.” And that “NO” is all that’s keeping us from getting to “YES!”  Go for “YES!”

Listen to this dynamic interview on Saturday January 24th at 4 PM ET on SiriusXM Channel 141. It will replay on Monday January 26th at 8 am ET, and once again on Wednesday January 28th at 11 am ET.  You can get an autographed copy of his latest book, When Buyers Say No, on his website. Go to to get your autographed copy.

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