Success Lessons From The “Results Rule Man”

Randy Pennington rose from a musician, who performed 8 shows a day at Six Flags in Texas, to Chairman of the Board for a $17 million dollar organization!  He has written several best selling books, including Results Rule and Make Change Work.

Randy has shared his message with many of the world’s largest companies and been the leading voice on a number of healthcare programs that have changed America. He’s been inducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame. How did he do it? How can you change your life and live your dreams?

In this interview, Randy shares some powerful ideas that will help you achieve your goals and live your dreams now! Here are a few of those power points:

  • To increase our income we must increase the value we bring to the marketplace.
  • To increase our value, we must focus on 2 things: the complexity of the problems we help people solve and the importance of the problems we help people solve.
  • The more important or complex the problems, the more people will pay you!
  • To grow our success we must grow our actions and that is usually a result of us growing our thinking. Big thinking creates new actions, which create new habits, which create new results!
  • Our situations and positions in life change when we are dissatisfied with where we are.
  • People change not because of intellectual understanding but rather because of emotional readiness.
  • We all have parts of us we want to change, but won’t change until we are sick and tired of where we are.
  • We tend to change for one of two reasons: crisis or compelling opportunity, which makes us say, “I want to go there!”
  • To wait for a crisis before you change is often is too late. We should look for compelling reasons that drive us to change so we are excited about the process.
  • Don’t be complacent. Look for new opportunities to live your dreams! Keep in mind that change is going to happen whether you like it or not!
  • Ask yourself, “What scares you about staying where you are?”
  • Once you change your thinking and decide to move in a new direction, you still have to learn the ways of success. So entrepreneurs must become perpetual students.
  • To be wealthy, and stay wealthy, and enjoy being wealthy, you should first make the commitment to be healthy. Wealth without good health is a drag!

You can listen to this incredible interview on Saturday, December 13th, at 4pm ET, again on Monday, December 15th, at 8am ET and one more time on Wednesday, December 17th, at 11am ET, on The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Radio Show on SiriusXM Channel 141.

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