Jolley Marriage and Business Success TIPS

Dee and I are not only marriage partners but business partners as well. That’s thirty years of marriage and over twenty years of working together.

People always ask how we live together, work together, travel together and not have drama! There are strategies we’ve employed over the years that serve as the secret sauce to our successful relationship in business and marriage.

Here are a few of those tips from my SiriusXM radio show about marriage and business success.

  • The first key to success in both marriage and business is to decide to be in this thing together.
  • Then, make a commitment. Then make a commitment to that commitment.
  • Have open and honest communication. Don’t try to be mind readers.
  • Keep in mind that love is not just an emotion – it is also a decision.
  • Remember the 5 F’s to relationship success– Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance and Fun!
  • Be willing to adjust and compromise constantly.
  • Be a good friend and make a decision to no drama!
  • Be flexible and also be firm. Flexible about the small stuff, and firm about your fundamental values.
  • Pick your battles carefully. Decide if you want to get what you want short term, or win the long-term battle. That requires different strategies.
  • Support each other’s goals and dreams.

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