How to turn a “novel” idea into millions!

Omar Tyree was a college football player who liked to write novels and short stories.  The other football players made fun of him saying, “Football players don’t write novels!”

Omar Tyree made a decision to leave the football field and play on a new field.  He started writing and publishing his own stories. He started with $500.00, using his car as his office. He has gone on to become one of the most successful writers in America.

He has signed six and seven figure book deals and won an NAACP Image award for his works. He has sold millions of dollars worth of books.  He also co-writes books for celebrities. His latest book, Mayor For Life – The Marion Barry Life Story, has already hit many best sellers’ lists!

In addition to being a successful writer, Omar Tyree is an entrepreneur and president of his own enterprises. Plus he teaches other people to write their stories with ease and grace.

Omar Tyree shared the following powerful secrets to success:

• Be a life long learner. Learn as much as you can, as fast as you can!

• ABS – “Always Be Selling” your ideas and your products! Don’t be ashamed to sell your products!
​Be like McDonald’s. They are still pushing and pitching ​their burgers and fries everyday.

• Keep creating your products. Be like the man in the Dunkin’ Donuts commercial who got up early everyday and said, “It’s time to make donuts!”

• Entrepreneurs must be brave and courageous for it is hard work. Have conversations with yourself to encourage yourself!

• Many entrepreneurs are introverts, and that’s okay. Yet, you must choose to become an extrovert about your business, and get out there and talk to people!

• There’s a difference between a student and a scholar.  A student is waiting for the information to come to them, while a scholar is going out after the information.

• An employee and an entrepreneur share the same above differences.  An employee is waiting for the money to come to them every two weeks. While the entrepreneur is going out to get the money!

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