The Famous Wally Amos Is BACK!!!!!

About twenty years ago, I was honored to speak on the same program with the famous (cookie man) Wally Amos. After that event, we became good friends and have remained close ever since. In fact, his amazing story is one of the most popular stories in my book, “A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback!”

In fact, three years ago Wally decided to celebrate his 75th birthday in Washington, DC with Dee and me. There were speaking events, parties and Wally Amos Day celebrations from the Mayor of DC and many others. It was an incredible week of celebrating this global gift to humanity.

Wally Amos is a worldwide icon. Recently, while in Malaysia, I came across a store that mentioned Wally.  He became famous by marketing his Chocolate Chip Cookies. Unfortunately, through some bad business decisions, he lost his Famous Amos Company and also the use of his Famous Amos name. Yet, he refused to give up. Today at 78, Wally continues to amaze everyone with his unstoppable attitude and energy.

And we are excited to announce that The Famous Wally Amos is BACK! He is back…bigger and better than ever with his new company, The Cookie Kahuna, where the cookies are handmade and are amazingly delicious. Wally sent me samples. And everyone agreed, these are the best cookies we’ve all ever tasted!

In addition to great cookies, Wally knows first hand about success and shares incredible success principles. Here are some of the lessons Wally shared in this powerful interview:

  • Success in life is the result of a series of tests. You must take the test; then pass the test before going to the next level. When you get to the next level,  there will be new tests waiting for you.
  • Remember, if you stay in faith you will be well ready to meet those challenges.
  • Everything starts with an idea! There is power in your ideas.
  • God is not a one idea God. If one doesn’t succeed don’t give up because God has many more for you.
  • If you succeed once, it should give you a mindset of hopefulness that you can do it again.
  • You are always surrounded by opportunities. Yet, you must wake up, see it and then act on them.
  • Fulfillment in life is about doing more, being more and achieving more – no matter how old you are!
  • A positive, “Yes I Can Attitude” is a critical part of the success equation.
    “Yes, I can” leads to “Yes, I will” and then you are on your way to something big!  Many people can,  but very few people will. Be the one who will dare to dream and dare to do!
  • Persistence and perseverance are keys to success. You will succeed if you do not quit… so whatever you do, do not quit!
  • Decide to be unstoppable! If you stop, it’s over. But if you keep going everything is possible!
  • Total success comes from service to others.
  • Become a quality person and always give your best with every job you touch. You become better as a result of better service.
  • An attitude of service creates miracles!
  • You may run out of money but God’s love is unlimited. You will never run out of faith.
  • The big secret is that there is really no secret to success. You must stay positive, work hard, have faith, believe and serve others.
  • Strong enthusiastic faith truly can move mountains.


Listen to my interview with Wally Amos, on the Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show; SiriusXM Radio Channel 141, HUR Voices. It airs this Saturday, October 25th at 4PM ET and re-airs next Monday, October 27th at 8AM ET and Wednesday, October 29th at 11AM ET.

The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show is a weekly one hour power packed show that is featured on the world’s largest radio broadcaster, SiriusXM. The show can be heard on Channel 141, HUR Voices. More than 23 million subscribers can listen in on the show that features Dr. Willie Jolley interviewing and sharing ideas with some of the top leading thought leaders and successful coaches in the world. People can learn success tips on how they transformed their lives and live their dreams. A power hour of success tips on how to be healthy, wealthy and wise!

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One thought on “The Famous Wally Amos Is BACK!!!!!

  1. Thank you, Dr. Willie and Dee Jolley, for bringing Mr. Wally Amos to CEO Business Cafe. He blessed so many people by sharing his life experiences and lessons learned on his 75th Birthday. His “don’t blame others” message and “I’m still going strong” attitude still resonate with me.

    Thank you for bringing us valuable messages from the many Icons of the World! I look forward to another Exceptional interview.

    ~Odessa Hopkins, Founder, Sorority Of Survivors, Inc.

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