Bob Danzig

Bob Danzig was born in poverty. Bob DanzigHe was shuffled around as a foster child from foster home to foster home.

As a teenager,  Bob was able to get a job as a copy boy with Hearst Newspapers. They became his family. Bob made the decision right then and there,  he was going to be the best copy boy ever! He pursued excellence to make them proud and developed the habit of giving excellent service. From then on he pursued excellence in everything he touched.

Bob quickly rose through the ranks at the newspaper – from copy boy,  to sales, to editor, to eventually becoming  the publisher of Hearst Newspapers. He went on to become the CEO of all of Hearst media including TV radio newspapers abd magazines.

When he retired from Hearst Media,  Bob had become a wealthy man. He could have taken it easy, but Bob had developed the habit of excellence, believing he had much more left to do.

He started speaking and sharing his positive ideas to audiences around the world. He spoke to over 1 million people as a professional speaker.  In 2007, he was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. When Bob curtailed his speaking schedule due to all the travel, he started another career. This time he started sharing his positive ideas in books, DVD programs and webinars.

Now  in his 80’s, Bob continues to pursue excellence in everything he touches. During my SiriusXM radio show interview with him, Bob offered wonderful tips on how you can make your life a masterpiece of achievement!

  • Affirm daily that you are worthwhile and let it become the tattoo on your spirit.
  • When he was down, he was told “you are full of promise,” and he accepted it. Accept that you are full of promise.
  • Do not be ashamed of being ambitious. God gives you life so use it the fullest.
  • Keep looking for the next opportunity life offers and embrace it
  • Once you hit your goals keep developing a bigger next goal.
  • Always have a vision for tomorrow so you can program your mind and body to keep living and striving to achieve it.
  • Build yourself to be the leader God meant for you to be.
  • Keep your mind open to possibilities. When you do, they will keep coming and flowing your way.
  • Never let your mind retire, keep looking for ways to keep it young and curious.
  • Invite excellence, pursue excellence and live excellence in everything you do.  It is so worth it!


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