Hundred Dollar Hat On A 10 Cent Head?

back-to-school1Everyone is getting ready for a new school year. Parents are scurrying around and spending lots of money to get their children beautiful, stylish school clothes and the newest school gadgets and supplies. This effort is all focused on preparing their children to have a good school year.

Is That All?
My question becomes, is that all they need to have a great school year? I agree it’s important for our children to look good and have the proper tools to help them succeed. But I don’t believe that it’s enough to help them have a GREAT school year!  New clothes and new school supplies are a good start – but not enough.

They need new thinking! Most of our young people are going back to school with the same fears, doubts and esteem issues they left with. Many had a good school year, but I believe (like you), that they can do more and achieve more this new school year.  I want to help your children have a great school year!

This can be achieved by making sure the kids develop great positive thinking and great self-esteem, which will help them overcome the negatives that await them at the school door – bullies, drugs, alcohol, negative people and negative influences.  In addition, they can learn to make wise choices and have greater academic achievement for this new school year.

The Goal
My goal is to help you help your children develop more winning ways so they can have a tremendous school year as they continue on their way to a successful life.

Below are clips from my popular youth PBS Special, Dare 2 Dream Dare 2 Win. I encourage you to watch these clips with your kids and see how it inspires them. Then forward this email to friends, family members, your community, your church and anyone else you can think of.

Why? Because it takes a village, a community, to raise great children!

Party Together
Once you watch the clips and see the impact on your children, I recommend you order our Youth Deluxe Package that includes a Parent Guide.  Then I recommend you have a video watching party with popcorn, hamburgers, hot dogs and soft drinks. Invite all the kids your children associate with and have everyone watch the DVD together. Why do I feel this party piece is so critically important? Research has shown that who we hang out with is who we will become!  SO, who your children associate with has an impact on who they will be. Don’t use this DVD to motivate and inspire just your children, but every young person your child associates with. This is not something to take lightly – this is critically important.

Finally, make this a community event and make the DVD a community resource you share with your local school, community center, church, youth organization and with any and every place where children congregate in your area.

Recently, I heard a great quote about the importance of motivating and inspiring our children. It said, “Wise parents make sure they don’t put a $100 hat on a head with 10¢ thoughts!” I could not agree more! Parents can spend hundreds of dollars for tennis shoes, but nothing for inspiration and motivation!

Step up and invest in helping your children have the best year ever!

God Bless You!

Willie Jolley Youth PBS Special Excerpts

* Willie Jolley PBS Special – Dare 2 Dream Dare 2 Win (Part 1)

* Willie Jolley PBS Special – Dare 2 Dream Dare 2 Win (Part 2)

One thought on “Hundred Dollar Hat On A 10 Cent Head?

  1. I laugh at the headline, a hundred dollar hat on a 10 cent head! It reminds me of things I learned in my youth; it’s not just dressing for success you need the education behind that! I marvel at adults who I’ve instructed, people who have heard your motivations talks and have purchased books by others such as TD Jakes and after seven years they still feel scared to move forward. Dr Jolley these same people married and had children. How can these parents raise healthy children with great self esteem?

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