12 Master Art of Selling Tips

Tom Hopkins is recognized as the world’s leading authority on selling techniques and salesmanship. Over 4,000,000 salespeople have attended Tom’s high-energy live seminars.

Tom got his start at the young age of 19 in the field of real estate. After failing miserably his first six months, he discovered that successful selling is a learned skill. He became an avid student and within a few years he had achieved millionaire status having sold over 1,553 homes!

With his strategies in great demand, Tom moved into the field of speaking and training, holding seminars, creating broadcast quality video systems, and high-quality audio recordings as well as writing books. His “How to Master the Art of Selling™” book and program have sold over 1.7 million copies worldwide. He has also authored 16 other books on the topics of selling and success.

Here are 12 key thoughts from the Tom Hopkins interview:

  • All the actions of our lives begin with the thoughts we hold in our mind. Good thoughts lead to good feelings; which lead to good actions; which lead to good results.
  • You must work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Develop yourself. Become a better you!
  • Everyone is in sales, no matter what it is they do. The best preachers sell faith; the best teachers sell new thought; the best doctors sell health; and the best parents sell their children on their values.  Selling is essential to living a great life!
  • Telling is not selling. The greatest sales come from listening and asking the right questions.
  • Listen. Get people to talk. Find out what their needs are. Now you know what they will want or need to buy.
  • Investing in yourself is the key to success. Change your mentality. This changes your mind’s focus; which increases your abilities.
  • A book is a brain transplant! You absorb in a few days what it took the author decades to learn!
  • Life is difficult, period. Read and listen to inspiring materials. When you toughen your brain, you will toughen your resolve and in time your life will see greater success.
  • Be a follow-up specialist. Follow up and continue to follow up!
  • You were born to have an abundant life. Make a commitment to love people and use money; rather than loving money and using people.
  • Be prudent with your money; invest and save; discipline yourself; be frugal; live below your means.
  • Don’t judge your life by the number of times you fail; rather by the number of times you succeed! Keep selling!

Listen to the replay of my top-notch interview with Tom Hopkins, on the Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show; SiriusXM Radio Channel 141, HUR Voices. It airs this Saturday, August 23rd at 4PM ET and re-airs next Monday, August 25th at 8AM ET and Wednesday, August 27th at 11AM ET.

The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show is a weekly one hour power packed show that is featured on the world’s largest radio broadcaster, SiriusXM. The show can be heard on Channel 141, HUR Voices. More than 23 million subscribers can listen in on the show that features Dr. Willie Jolley interviewing and sharing ideas with some of the top leading thought leaders and successful coaches in the world. People can learn success tips on how they transformed their lives and live their dreams. A power hour of success tips on how to be healthy, wealthy and wise!

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