It’s Worth It!

Dr. Willie Jolley Bound DissertationA few weeks ago, I tweeted about getting the final bound copy of my dissertation, which is entitled, The New Theology of Achievement.  While my dissertation was officially accepted and I graduated in 2013, getting this document published was the last part of a long process. I’m officially Dr. Willie Jolley!

I share this with you, for over the last year, I’ve chronicled how this process of returning to school and studying for my doctorate was much more difficult and challenging than I could have imagined. In fact, it was one of the toughest experiences I’ve had in a long time.

Believing that just expanding my regular reading and writing schedule would result in a minor increase in my workload was a mistake. There was quite a surprise in store for me!

My first major paper was written over a couple days and submitted to my professor with confidence. After all, I had developed similar concepts that made my earlier books bestsellers.  When I visited my professor several weeks later, he said, “Willie Jolley, we love your books!  We love the faith-based ideas you share in those books! You write excellent books! BUT, your paper stinks!”

He handed me my paper with a big fat ‘F’ on the front. “Your paper was written from what you already know.  We want research and information that is new to you!” I needed to go to library and do research!

Let me tell you, it is a humbling experience for a fifty-plus year old man, to sit in a library night after night with twenty-year olds. Humbling and hard – but it worth it!

It’s not just the prize you receive when you hit your goals, but what you’ve become in the process of getting to your goals!  It is not just GOING through the process, but GROWING through the process!

Are there goals you’ve been dreaming about completing, thinking about or even talking about? But for some reason, you’ve done nothing about them? I encourage you to do it – just get started! Pursue your goals and dreams.  Yes, it will be hard.  So, I recommend you go at it hard!

Keep the faith, and keep fighting!  I’ve learned it’s worth the fight!

One thought on “It’s Worth It!

  1. Amen, Willie! I, too, have returned to school after a 25 year hiatus, but the experience has made me a much better person. Like you, I have grown immensely through this process. I am happy to say that I will graduate with my Bachelor’s degree this December. Congratulations on reaching the goal of earning your PhD. Your words have inspired me and continue to inspire me on my journey. Thanks for the encouragement!

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