Build Your Dreams, Not Your Fears!

While on vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina this week, I’ve noticed something very inspiring. A gentleman from New Jersey spends his days building beautiful, intricate and very detailed sandcastles. Every morning he starts constructing a new sandcastle… because the one he built the day before was destroyed overnight by the tide when it came in. Yet, each morning he starts to build again.

I thought about how this imitates life. Some people are so concerned about the longevity of their efforts that they refuse to build anything worthwhile with their lives.  Yet, there are others, a few hearty souls, who are focused on building the great and wonderful, and not concerned that it might not survive forever.

Some people are so afraid of losing what they build, that they never attempt or build at all. They are afraid that their dreams might not last or will may never come true, so they do nothing. They never fall in love for fear of losing love or getting hurt. They never build a business for fear that it might fail. They never attempt the spectacular for fear of leaving the safe or sure thing. They are afraid  to fail.  But the ones who win the most are the ones who refuse to let outside circumstances stop them from living their dreams and building their beautiful sandcastles.

So after looking at those beautiful sandcastles that the builder knew would be washed away each night, I was encouraged to share this message with you. I want to encourage you to build something awesome with your life, something memorable, even if if will not last forever. It is better to build it and see it end, than to never build at all. I encourage you to build something beautiful with every day you have. Don’t worry that it might be destroyed or broken by time or elements beyond your control. Just keep building great things. People will remember you for what you’ve done with your life – not what happened to what you built.

In fact, they might take a picture of what you’ve built that actually WILL last forever! See, some memories can last forever!

Enjoy your summer and always live your dreams!

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