How To Turn Hundreds Into Millions

Willie_CarlJones_DukeGreenIf you’ve read my Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks book then, you’ve read about Duke Green and the tremendous impact he has had on my success. Duke Green entered my life when I was a teenager, when my brother Noble took me to his Penthouse offices located in downtown Washington, D.C., near the White House.

Duke took time with two young struggling entrepreneurs. His words I will never forget. He said, “Give great value to your customers, give them more than they pay you. And make it important to make money and make a profit!”  He capped it off by saying, “I would rather make money and give it away, then not make it at all!”

Duke Green made a lot of money, and before retiring, his company was making in excess of $60 million dollars annually.

Carl Jones is one of Duke Green’s best friends, and he too has a tremendous success story. Carl was a graduate of Howard University, and a Vietnam draftee. When Carl returned, he went to work for an engineering firm. Duke Green introduced Carl to an opportunity to use his engineering background to help the big national contractors (who were starting work on the DC Metro system) understand the soil and ground erosion problems they would face in preparing the ground for excavation.

Because Carl was such an asset to these contractors, they offered him a contract to pave the roads after they finished digging! Carl quit his job, got a truck and some workers and started his company with $1000!  He went on to build the biggest asphalt company in Washington D.C., with revenues in excess of $50 million annually.

A British firm offered to buy his company, which he sold for a tidy sum.

These two seasoned entrepreneurs sat down with me and shared secrets they used in building their businesses and their wealth.

Concepts they shared:

Carl Jones:

Carl rode with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. while in Birmingham. Dr. King told him there were two things you must do to be successful. You must FOCUS and SACRIFICE!

There are 4 primary ways to make money:

  1. With Labor
  2. With Land
  3. With Money
  4. With Management

To make money, you must solve problems; and to solve the problems, you must understand the problems.

There are 4 kings you must serve in business:

  1. Customers
  2. Employees
  3. Lenders
  4. Vendors

Take care of them and they will take care of you!

Duke Green:

  • There are opportunities all around you. But you must have a mind to make money and serve people. Then your eyes and mind will see what you have not seen before.
  • You can make a profit through creativity or competition. With enough creativity, you can beat your competition, even if they have more capital.
  • No one has a monopoly on creativity.
  • Trust God and look for different ways to use your creativity.
  • Hard work, focus and trusting God will take you to the promised land of success.

Listen to the replay of my powerful interview with Carl Jones and Duke Green, on the Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show; SiriusXM Radio Channel 141, HUR Voices. It airs this Saturday, August 9th at 4PM ET and re-airs next Monday, August 11th at 8AM ET and Wednesday, August 13th at 11AM ET.

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