Are You Living Below Your Potential?

My wife loves theater – particularly the play, The Lion King. She can see that play over and over and over again, each time getting the same thrill. And she also enjoys watching the movie with our grandkids.  And to be honest, I enjoy the experience each time as well…because every time I see the play or watch the movie, I get a new perspective about life.

Be More
On my most recent viewing, I was re-inspired by one specific statement. Mufasa, the father, appears as an apparition to his son, Simba, who by this time is a grown, but playful, adult. Mufasa appears and says, “Simba, you are more than you have become!”  

As I listened to that line, I realized that statement could apply to all of us!  We tend to get comfortable with life and don’t always get serious about the possibilities for our lives. We say we want massive success, but are not really serious about doing the work to achieve it.  We do not take full advantage of the gifts and talents we have, nor are we maximizing them. Mufasa reminds us all that we are more than what we have become. He reminds us that we need to start living our greatness and not our comfort!

To be all that we were born to be, we must stretch beyond our places of comfort. And I have found that it is uncomfortable to stretch and uncomfortable to become our best selves. It is so much easier to be the lesser “us” rather than the greater “us.”

So when Mufasa spoke to Simba, he also spoke to us! He spoke to you and me. We are more than we have become! There is something greater inside of us. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us!” So, today let’s make up our minds to work for the greater “us” that is within us, which is waiting to be released!

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