Don’t Let Your Fears Keep You From Your Success

Start Where You Are
“You do not have to be great when you start, but you must get started in order to ever be great!”  This is a quote I have used over the years that has inspired me and helped me to stay on the path when things got tough.

In my speeches, I share that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team, yet he continued to dream about doing impossible things with the basketball.  He kept working on that dream, and eventually he achieved greatness.

Willie_Jolley_Speaking_early_yearsYou Must Fight Through Your Fear
When I gave my first speech, I was not good. And I was scared that I would not be any good, but, I fought through my fears and doubts and delivered it anyway. If I’d let my fears and lack of speaking skills stop me from giving my very first speech, I would not have given the 2nd, 20th, 50th, 500th to 5000th speech!

If I had not fought through my fears and doubts, I would not have been invited to speak for the Marines in Japan years later.  That’s where I met the young man who was the director of base security.  After chatting for a few minutes, he told me how he had heard me speak at his high school in 1993 and how that message had turned his life around. He said he was in a gang and was using and abusing drugs and alcohol. He said that my message that day made him make the decision to get his life together. He cleaned up his act and went into ROTC, then on to college and then onto a successful military career. Then he blew my mind…he pulled out a tattered card from his wallet and showed me notes he had taken twenty years earlier when he had heard me speak! He said he still carried the card for inspiration. That high school speech would never have happened if I had not fought through my fears.

Dr. Willie JolleyFeel the Fear and Keep Going
Without that first speech, I would have never reached the honor of being inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame or being named one of the Outstanding Five Speakers in the World Toastmasters International.  When I think about these honors, I give God the glory and all gratitude for giving me the faith to keep fighting when my doubts meant to distract me.

The reason I share the power of overcoming my fears, this week, is that we just released a new testimonial video. You can watch the video here: (

These are messages from people around the country, who’ve heard me speak and were moved to share the impact they believe I had on them and their organization! “Dr. Willie Jolley gave the best motivational/inspirational presentation I’ve ever experienced (” Dr. Willie Jolley at SERVPRO

As I watched the clips with my staff, I reflected on my first speech, and how bad it was. Yet without that first speech, there would be no encouraging notes and calls and messages from people around the world who say that my message had a positive impact on them, and no reassuring testimonials that I’m doing what I was born to do!

Dream Stuck?
So, my question to you is: What dream is stuck inside of you, waiting to be released?  What great things could come from your dream that could benefit others? Are you willing to be bad, in order to become good or even great one day? Remember, you don’t have to be great to get started…but you must started in order to ever be great! Get Started Right Now!

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