The Impact of Input

Several years ago, I was invited to be a guest on a popular national talk show.  They were programming a special show on turning setbacks into comebacks. Once I received the invitation, I knew I needed a special suit for the show! I had seen Everett Hall on television and figured this would be a good time to be seen in an Everett Hall suit.

I visited his store, located on “the Million Dollar Row” in the Chevy Chase area of Washington, DC.  Upon entering, I saw Everett Hall meeting and greeting people. I couldn’t believe it.  I figured he would be in Italy or somewhere else around the world, but there he was meeting and greeting folks and shaking hands.

I went up to shake his hand and introduce myself saying… “Hello, my name is …” And he said,  “I know you; you’re Willie Jolley! Your books and your CDs have had a big impact on my business!” I said “Really??? WOW!!!” I was kind of impressed with myself at that moment!

I told him about the show and he remarked he had the perfect suit for me. He came back with a beautiful black suit, and then walked away to get the measuring tape. When he walked away, I looked at the price tag!  It was really expensive. When he returned, I asked if he ever loaned out his suits for television.  He said “No.” and that we would take care of the finances in a few moments.

When he finished the measurements, I was invited over to the cash register. (I walked over really slowly). He handed me the sales receipt. And on the receipt, it said, NO CHARGE!”  I was baffled.  “I don’t understand?” He responded, “Your books and CDs have had an impact on my business. Come and follow me!

Everett Hall took me down to the garage, and there in the corner, was his brand-new black Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible! I was stunned!  I said, “You got that from reading my books? I’m going back home and read my books again!!!!”

But then I looked in the backseat of his car and saw not just my books and CDs, but those of Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and many others. He had a whole back seat of books and CDs because he understood the principle – your input determines your output and your output determines your income!

Folks, if you want greater income, you need to start with books, CDs and DVDs that will feed your mind.  Your input truly does determine your output!  Make a commitment to put great stuff in, so you can get great stuff out!

Everett Hall is a great example that it really does work!

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