‘Apprentice Star’ Shares How To Make Millions

Dr. Randal PinkettWinner of season four of hit television show, The Apprentice, Dr. Randal Pinkett was the first African American to be hired by Donald Trump. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker and author.

Dr. Pinkett is the Chairman & CEO of BCT Partners, which is a multimillion dollar consulting firm. He was a star athlete at Rutgers University, Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, then earned his MBA and PhD from MIT.

In this powerful interview, Dr. Pinkett shared tips to help you grow your personal and professional success:

  • You can do anything you set your mind to do and are willing to work hard to achieve.
  • Start by envisioning your success on the inside and then go to work to create it on the outside.
  • You must create your own opportunity rather than waiting for it to appear.
  • Success is what we accomplish for ourselves, while greatness is the impact we have in the eyes of others. Strive for both!
  • The key to success is to bring value to world; then figure out how to monetize it!
  • Use your creativity, be resourceful and persevere! Never give up!
  • You must grow your courage. Courage makes you willing to take the first step. No first step, no ultimate success!
  • Don’t be afraid to fail because failure and success go hand and hand. The cleaner “Formula 409” was named 409 because it was the 409th attempt. It happened after 408 failures!

Listen to the replay of my dynamic interview with Dr. Randal Pinkett, on the Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show; SiriusXM Radio Channel 141, HUR Voices. It airs this Saturday, June 28th at 4PM ET and re-airs next Monday, June 30th at 8AM ET and Wednesday, July 2nd at 11AM ET.

Visit www.williejolley.com/radio to listen to excerpts of other great interviews today!

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