Success Lessons from High Flying ACE, Danny Cox!

Danny CoxDanny Cox is an Air Force supersonic jet pilot, who upon retirement, became a supersonic sales star and Hall of Fame Speaker.

In this dynamic interview, Danny shared tips on how to soar in sales and personal success:


  • Learn from people who have done what you want to do, not from those who just talk about it.
  • When leading others, always be aware of their weaknesses, but speak to their strengths.
  • Salespeople will improve when their manager does.
  • Adversity will build or break you. It strips away your veneer and uncovers the real person.
  • Developing your personal library is a secret to long-term success.
  • Books are like borrowed heroes. It’s like doing a brain transplant from their brain into your brain.
  • Plan to keep learning and keep living…right up until the end. Thomas Edison was asked when he was going to retire and he said, “The day before the funeral!”

Listen to the replay of my insightful interview with Danny Cox, on the Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show; SiriusXM Radio Channel 141, HUR Voices. It airs this Saturday, June 7th at 4PM ET and re-airs next Monday, June 2nd at 8AM ET and Wednesday, June 4th at 11AM ET.

Visit to listen to excerpts of other great interviews today!

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