It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming!

Tony CampoloAs we approach Easter, I have a special message for you that I received from my friend Dr. Tony Campolo. Tony Campolo is one of America’s great theologians and preachers and I am honored to be listed on the front cover of the book,  Chicken Soup For The Christian Soul 2, with him. He has a famous speech that exemplifies the comeback spirit we all need to win in life…it is called “It’s Friday, but Sunday‘s Coming!”

This speech goes right along with my philosophy that “A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback!” Whether you are a Christian or not, there are great lessons to learn from the Easter narrative! Jesus died on a Friday, but rose on a Sunday and the world changed. Today, we even count time in terms of “BC (Before Christ)” and “AD (After the Death and Resurrection of Christ).”

There are incredible lessons we can learn from Tony’s “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming” message. You might have a Friday in your life: you might have lost your job, you might have lost your home or you might have lost your life savings. Friday situations come in lots of forms, but Sunday is coming! I can attest that you will have some Fridays (SETBACKS), but Sunday is Coming (COMEBACKS!) Keep the faith! Don’t give up, because the best is still yet to come!

In celebration of Good Friday, below is a recording of one of my shows that previously aired here in Washington, DC. Enjoy it and remember, Sunday is coming! It is Comeback Time!

God Bless You! Happy Easter!


Dr. Willie Jolley

“It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming”

(click the link above to listen to Dr. Jolley’s message)



Chicken Soup bookPurchase a copy of the book, Chicken Soup For The Christian Soul 2 here!

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