Learn How To Go From Nothing To Over $100 Million In Annual Revenues

Jim and Naomi RhodeIf you’ve ever been to a dental office, you’ve probably been impacted by the work of Jim and Naomi Rhode. They are the founders of Smart Practice, the leading dental supply company in America! Plus, they now impact the chiropractic and veterinary industries and other health focused areas. In addition, Jim and Naomi are both in-demand speakers, being the only husband and wife team, who have both served individual terms as president of the National Speakers Association.

Jim and Naomi Rhode started their company with nothing but a dream and determination. Today, they have over 400 employees and annual corporate revenues in excess of $100 million. In addition to speaking about business success, they share great insights into how to succeed in marriage and life! The Rhodes have been married 56 years and still behave like newlyweds, with three successful adult children and 12 wonderful grandchildren.   

Jim and Naomi Rhode share these lessons:

  1. Building a business is important, but building a life is much more important.

  2. Make good choices. Then make your choices good!

  3. Surround yourself with only quality people. Who you are around is who you become.

  4. The secret to success is to find a need and fill it. Sounds so simple, but it really does work!

  5. Be willing to bootstrap. If you cannot borrow money to start your company, bootstrap it! That is, take your own money, or your own sweat equity, and pull yourself up.

  6. Once you get started, be frugal with every cent and make those cents turn into dollars by being wise stewards.

  7. Build your barn before your house! Which means to invest in the business before investing into a big fancy house.

  8. When you work with family, make sure you commit to be in it to win it! Be 1000% committed to the goals.

  9. Success in life and business is a choice, so choose to succeed. Then go to work to make it happen!

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