Martin Luther King, Jr., gave a famous speech called ‘‘I Have A Dream.’’ We have all heard those powerful words and his soul-stirring, passionate delivery that is timeless in its ability to inspire. In fact, no matter how often I hear that speech, I always get goose bumps because of the power that emanates from it. But as I listened I started to realize the pure importance of these four words: I-Have-a-Dream, I-Have-a-Dream. He didn’t say ‘‘I had a dream,’’ but rather ‘‘I have a dream.’’ Why? Because to be great your dream must be ongoing.

To say ‘‘I had a dream’’ implies that the dream has come and gone. But to have a dream means that it is ongoing, it is continuous. Do you have a dream? Is there a
dream burning in your mind and spirit that consumes you and drives you to pursue it, and to eventually achieve it? I also noticed Dr. King did not say, ‘‘I have a wish.’’ Why? Because wishes have no substance and are usually unattainable—like those who say ‘‘I wish I could live my life over again,’’ or ‘‘I wish I were a child again.’’

Most of us have thrown pennies into a wishing well or wished upon a star and never really expected those wishes to come true. They were just our fantasies. But a dream has substance. We dream of losing weight or buying a home or one day becoming the President of the United States. Dreams can, and do, come true! Don’t be confused between a wish and a dream.

Remember some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen! Dream big dreams. Think big thoughts and make it happen!

-Willie Jolley, excerpt from the book, It Only Takes A Minute To Change Your Life


  1. I had a teacher in 5th grade that got tired of my “wise-guy” remarks during class. One day she marched from the blackboard to my desk, slapped me once, and went back to tha blackboard. That changed my life forever, and I’m grateful.
    Willy has just reached out over the miles and done the same thing (verbally) to me. I’m grateful to Willy for the “WAKE-UP” call.

  2. On a Saturday morning i was going through the channels and came upon this black man speaking and was blown away by the way he spoke. I stayed there until the program went off and knew that God had just spoke to me through this man! I made up in my mind that I had to have his material and read what God wanted me to know for my life. I have been so blessed that I am tell every one to get the books and go on the website to hear what I heard that will change your life. Thanks Willie for hearing God to impact the lives of so many. And yes I am passing you on to all that will dare to listen to me. you changed my life in just a minute!!!!!

  3. ON Saturday morning Sept.4,2010 I was going through the channels and came up on this black man speaking and was blown away by his every day language that I could not only understand but relate to. As I listened I knew that God was speaking to me through this wonderful man and that I needed to listen. After the program was over I knew that i must get a hold of his material and learn more of what he has to say, I tell you that Sunday could not come fast enough for me to get to the book store and buy the book ” A setback is a setup for a comeback”. My life have changed because you Willie are dong what God called you to do and that’s put your story and others on paper so we have the same opportunity to make a decision to change our lives for the best. Thanks for talking a minute so that I could change.

  4. I read “I HAVE A DREAM” word 100 times ..everytime I am getting special meaning in it and get a chance think about the dream..I believe DREAM will awake you from the sleepy thoughts.

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