We talked about how you have to give your all when you want to reach your goal; you have to be completely focused on your goal; you have to become a ‘‘no-option person.’’ A ‘‘no-option person’’ has no other options: he or she has to make it or else; do or die, all or nothing! When you become that committed, you will make
it happen because you have no other choice!

There was a general who took his troops to a major battle on an a distant shore. As
they approached the enemy he saw that they were outnumbered, and his troops were afraid because the enemy seemed so big and strong. But the general knew they had the potential to win. After they hit land he saw the fear and how the men were tentative in advancing, so he gave the order to ‘‘Burn the boats.’’ They now had no other choices, no other options; they had to win or die. At that moment his troops became energized and fearless, because they had no other options. They fought and gave their all, and they won.

We must develop a sink-or-swim, ‘‘no-option’’ mindset, a do-or-die attitude. We have to make it happen. If you do, if you make that kind of commitment, then your dreams will come true, in fact they must come true! Why? Because you have no other option!

-Willie Jolley, excerpt from the book, It Only Takes A Minute To Change Your Life

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