Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: Do Not Panic

Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: Do Not Panic

Today’s tip is focused on helping you over come this challenging economy. It is taken from my new book, Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks. Winners make a decision not to panic and fall apart, and instead, focus all their energies on winning. Are you ready to go to war and win? Are you pressed, yet refuse to panic? I hope you answer “Yes”, because there is no power in a panic! Panic robs you of your ability to think clearly and exercise all your options. And if you cannot select from a clear set of options, your chance of making a great choice declines significantly. Once panic sets in, not only do people tend to make poor choices, they also tend to follow the lead of others who are making poor choices as well. During the stock market crash of 1929, thousands of people panicked, and it became mass hysteria. It was an epidemic of poor choices and bad decisions. People jumped off buildings and took guns and committed suicide. Not realizing that the market would come back, bigger and better than ever! Do Not Panic! Visit my website at for more information on turning your setbacks into greenbacks, and make this a great day!

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