Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: Self-Development

Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: Self-Development


How do you make yourself a better, more productive and effective person? The key is self-development! Just as a body­builder goes to the gym to develop his or her body and to gain strength and power, the same is necessary for development of your mind and of your inner strength. You must develop yourself by working on yourself. I don’t mean just your outer self by exercising. That is important, but you must also develop your inner self and your mind.

Do you develop your mind like your body, maybe by way of lifting books, cd’s or tapes, and encyclopedias? No. The correct way is to read those books, listen to the cd’s or tapes, and fill your mind with the information. Fill your mind with the pure, the powerful, the positive, and program yourself for success. You can program your mind for success or let it be programmed by others for failure.

The key is making the decision to program yourself by reading and filling your mind with positive information. Create a new you. Give yourself a makeover, not just your face and hair, but also your mind and spirit. Just as you renew your body with food and cleanse your body with water on a daily basis, you should also renew your mind and cleanse your spirit on a daily basis. Read more positive books, think more positive thoughts, listen to positive music, and take time to pray and meditate on the good.

Give yourself a daily dose of positive images and develop a new you, because the best way to build your wealth is to first build yourself!

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