Today’s Live Better With Willie Jolley Tip: Overcome Your Fears Or Your Fears Will Overcome You

Today’s Live Better With Willie Jolley Tip: Overcome Your Fears Or Your Fears Will Overcome You

You have to overcome your fears or your fear will overcome you! We all have fears. We were born with them as a defense mechanism as a way to remind us to use care when making decisions and avoiding danger. However, they were not meant to shackle and hinder us from achieving our greatness. We all have a choice to either have faith in our fears or have faith in our possibilities and ourselves.

In the book, Success Is Never-Ending and Failure Is Never Final, by Dr. Robert Schuller, he writes, ‘‘Fear not that you might make a mistake believing in your dream. Fear rather that if you don’t go for it you might stand before God and he’ll tell you that you could have succeeded if you had just had more faith. Fear not that you might fail. Fear rather that you will never suc­ceed, if you never try and are unwilling to take risks. Fear not that you might be hurt. Fear rather that you might never grow if you wait for painless success.’’ Overcome your fears.

An older man once said to a younger man when comforting him on his fears, ‘‘Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?” It is impossible to reach second base if you are afraid to leave first base. You’ve got to have a dream and then dare to act on that dream. Only then you can achieve great things. Fear not, my friends, fear not! Where fear sees obstacles, faith sees opportunities. Where fear sees problems, faith sees possibilities. Fear sees stumbling blocks. Faith sees stepping-stones!

It is your choice:  you can either have faith in your fears or in yourself. Have faith in you! David Schwarz wrote in The Magic of Thinking Big, that the cure for fear is action. Identify your fears and then move towards them. Take action and they will disappear. Have faith; take action and FEAR WILL DISAPPEAR!

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