Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ tip: Your Thinking Creates Your Results

To succeed in life, we must look our problems, think past the limits and think about the possibilities. You will always have problems, but you need to think about solving them creatively in order to reach your goals. You need not settle for your present circumstances, but look at the possibilities.

There is a story about a fisherman who caught fish with such ease that it was amazing. As he caught the fish, he did something strange – he kept the little ones and threw the big ones back. Someone asked him why he did this, and he answered, “Because I only have a little pan!” Ladies and gentleman, our reach should always EXCEED our grasp!

If that fisherman had only taken some time to look at this situation in depth, he would have realized that the challenge was not the size of the pan, but rather the size of his thinking. If he had only thought creatively, he would have realized that that there was a simple solution: cut the fish into pieces that could fit into the pan instead of throwing the big fish back!

Think creatively and look at all your possibilities and you’ll be amazed at your results!

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